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how to correct a mistyped score

What can I do if I enter a wrong score ?

The solution is rather simple. You always have the opportunity to use the "undo" function (CTRL+Z) to correct the last entered score, but you can also correct the last or a prior score in the ongoing leg by simply clicking the score you wish to correct.

In this sample I entered a "30" score, but the player scored "57". To correct the score I click "30" (see the red square in the screenshot above) and a dialog box pops up.

I then replace the "30" with a "57" and then I hit the ENTER key or you can click the "OK" button (or "Cancel" if you clicked it by accident)

The score has now been corrected and all stats are updated. You can correct any score in the ongoing leg, even if it's not your turn to throw.

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