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playing the sound files from PDC World Championship Darts

Darts for Windows has full support for sound files to announce the scores. Record your own files or use the WAV files from the pc game PDC World Championship Darts (Russ Bray). To get the sound files, download the free demo version or buy the full game from Amazon.com. Search Google for the demo version by clicking this link. When you have installed the PDC World Championship Darts, go to the folder where you installed the game and open the folders "\Resources\Sounds\Announcer".
Open another copy of the file explorer and browse to your installation path for Darts for Windows, normally C:\DartsforWindows\. Open the folder "\dfwsound".Make sure Darts for Windows is closed before you copy the sound files to the "\dfwsound" folder.
Copy the following files from the "\Announcer" folder to the "\dfwsound" folder:
  • The files Player1.wav,Player2.wav and gsm.wav
  • All files starting with an_
  • All files starting with gl_
  • All files starting with gls_
  • All files starting with yr_
  • There are 3 x 180 files, they should be named an_180v1.wav, an_180v2.wav and an_180v3.wav.
    DfW picks the 180 sound by random from the 3 files.

To enable the sound by default, go to the menu "Settings" and click the item "Options".

Tick the option "Enable sound".

The sound effects can be turned on or off at any time during a match by right clicking the background in the main screen (as shown in the picture below).

asigning sound files to players name
It is also possible to assign a WAV file to a players name. You must first of course record your own sound files for the names you are assigning the soundfile(s) to. Place the recorded sound files(s) in the same folder as the other sound, then click the menu "Tools > Add players and teams" and assign the filename to the players of your choice (see picture below).

Tip: It is only support for up to 35 legs if you use the sound from the PDC pc game. Beyond that, DfW expects a file called gameshot.wav. If you know how to use a wav editor, open one of the gl_ files and create a new file called gameshot.wav by copying only the part of the gl_ file saying "Game Shot" or record your own "Game shot" file.

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